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Rural Enterprises Australia specialises in rural recruitment, in other words finding and filling farming jobs in Australia such as seeding and
harvest positions, station work, dairy farming, farm mechanics and agri business.  
We have been providing rural employment services for
more than 68 years over which time we have developed strong relationships with many farmers and farm workers.


Testimonials can provide a credible, unbiased recommendation of a service.
We believe we provide a great service, and our testimonials will reassure
new candidates and clients that they can trust us and are in good hands!


Rural Enterprises have been assisting us to find seasonal workers for a couple of years and we have been especially happy with the service and support they have provided.  The staff are always friendly and efficient.  The background checks and references they complete for potential staff are very thorough.  We have been impressed with the staff that we have recruited from Rural Enterprises and they have done a great job of finding candidates that are well matched to suit our needs.  We would definitely recommend Rural Enterprises to anyone seeking assistance with employing seasonal staff.  Faye, Cascade WA.

Rural Enterprises is our Farming Employment Agent of choice. They are big enough to be always available and small enough to know us personally. We have had many seasonal staff placed through them over the past 15 years at least. The team can gauge and explain a candidate well. Their procedures are reliable and efficient so resumes come to us quickly when requested. Although they have a replacement policy if the person was not right for our position, we have had suitable people placed with us and we have not had to utilise this. Lisa & Kirk, Cascade WA.

I needed reliable experienced staff at very short notice and found the team at Rural Enterprises to be very proactive in sourcing and vetting staff for me, and doing it swiftly. The two staff members they found me are just superb. I would recommend Rural Enterprises to anyone looking for decent staff who are who they say they are and have the relevant experience. Great job guys, thanks. Sam, Pingrup WA.

Our business has been looking for higher quality candidates for quite some time. I stumbled across Rural Enterprises’ website in 2015 and was provided with two excellent operators for the picking season. In 2016, we were provided with two more excellent operators as well as new permanent staff. The reason I believe that Rural Enterprises are different from other agencies we have tried is that they thoroughly research and reference each candidate before they are passed on, with our wishes in mind. Their price structure is also better than most other agencies we have tried. I would not hesitate in recommending their recruitment services to others.  Ben, Sunland Ag QLD.

We have been very happy with the services of Rural Enterprises. We have used several of their candidates over the years and have generally found them to be very reliable and conscientious workers that live up to their resumes.  The wide range of candidates gives you a good spread of all age applicants with many skills.  There are usually several choices that suit our working program. We have been very sorry to see some of our placements have to leave to go back overseas. We would recommend Rural Enterprises due to the large range of skilled workers, and the easy and helpful manner of the staff. We will continue to use their services and wish them all the best for the future.  Charlie, Elmore VIC. 

We would thoroughly recommend using Rural Enterprises Australia to fill a position.  They were very thorough when interviewing us as a potential employer, getting to know us and our situation and requirements and we could tell that it was the same when getting to know someone who was looking for a position.  We are extremely happy with the candidate they recommended as they were just what we were looking for.  We have used other agencies in the past but found that R.E. were much more professional in their approach and have recommended them to others who are looking to hire new staff.  We will definitely use R.E. next time we are looking for staff.  Fiona, Pinnaroo SA.

In our business we are employing 4 - 6 people with quite a range of skills. Rural Enterprises have a very good filtering system and can do a great match for what we are looking for at the time. I find RE have a very positive outlook and communicating with them is always easy. I feel like we are on the same page and they know exactly what I'm looking for. I get a very good gauge of the candidate before we get to the interviewing stage. The detail in their write ups helps give a good understanding of what the client is looking for which makes it easier to get a good match. I have no hesitation in recommending RE as an agent for recruiting workers for our industry. Oscar, Tammin WA.

My experience with Rural Enterprises, I have been very happy with the 1 seasonal and 1 full time employees they have sourced for us. Having someone do the checking on candidates history/job experience is a great help for us and takes a lot of pressure off us, and then give us possible candidates that have what we are looking for in an employee.  Brad, Buntine WA.

Rural Enterprises have been providing us with a simple and effective employment service for nearly 20 years.  They have a very modern easy to use website that is kept up to date so that employers can view potential candidates as they become available.  This is how we have been quickly filling any available seeding, spraying and harvest positions when needed.  The candidates arrive well vetted with all references checked and phone numbers provided so that I can double check references if I feel the need.  I would recommend their thorough and friendly service to anyone who is looking to fill a casual or permanent position.  Michael, Dalwallinu WA.



Great agency. Placed me with farm I requested in a timely manner. Kept in touch to ensure everything was going okay. Highly recommend you check out what jobs they have listed as I will be in the future. Chris Morton, Australia (Seeding 2022)

After filling in an application online I promptly received a call to discuss what roles and locations I was looking for. They had detailed information for the different farms and a map with locations making an informed decision easy. Within a week they had put me in touch with an awesome farm that exceed my expectations. They check up on you occasionally to ensure everything is going alright. At the end of the season they gave options for ongoing work or late seeding that was available. Overall I can't fault anything and would recommend anyone looking to check out the map and get in touch.  Tim Braim, New Zealand (Seeding 2022)

I contacted Rural Enterprises to try and find farm work for the seeding season in 2022. I was quickly matched with a farmer just north of Perth who I spent 3 months working with and had a fantastic time. I can highly recommend the team at Rural Enterprises if you are trying to find a farm job in Western Australia or elsewhere in the country. Alex Hoare, New Zealand (Seeding 2022)

I was looking for a job for my partner and I for seeding season and after being very unsuccessful, we found Rural Enterprises. We had put our request and our basic information on their website and got a call from one of their employees (Stuart) to have a chat about what we are looking for and what our background was. Although the fact that I had a lot of farming experience but my partner only had little, Rural Enterprises matched us with an employer within a day and I was on the phone with my new employer two days after the initial contact with Rural Enterprises. 8 months later, we are still working on the same farm and loving it. For other future employees/employers, I can recommend Rural Enterprises very much as one of the great benefits is the very personal approach and they really put effort in matching you with the appropriate employer. We had a job within days and they know their employers very well. This made us feel at ease because they wouldn’t put you with a bad employer. In the past, we searched for jobs through Gumtree or other agencies but this was either very unsuccessful because we were just one of the many candidates, didn’t hear back from the agency or we didn’t know where we were going to end up. Working with Rural Enterprises is a world of difference. Would definitely recommend and thanks again for the help!  Thomas & Lynn (Belgium).

Finding Rural Enterprisea Australia for us was essential at the time, we were looking for work in WA for both of us and decided to make the call and see what they could do. It was the best decision we have made while on the road , the benefit of using their service was they had all the contacts and after spending a good amount of time asking us about our qualifications etc they had the info needed to match us up. They keep in regular contact and were extremely easy to communicate with , within a short time they had found a compatible Family with work for both of us and from there things happened very quickly. During our months stay at the farm they also kept in contact to see how we were going and encouraging us to send some photos in. We couldn't have been happier with the family/farm that they matched for us, we had such a wonderful time that we are heading back for harvest with the same family. When travelling around Australia finding work may not always land at your feet and sometimes we need to outsource, we cant recommend this Employment Specialist enough and look forward to working with them in the future.  Rohan & Junelle Parr (Australia).

Rural Enterprises are leading the path to employment in the agricultural sector. From the moment I made contact with them, I could tell their staff were friendly, have great communication skills and enjoy satisfaction in connecting job positions. I found the staff to be well trained, where they provide one on one contact, do thorough research to work out your skill set, interests and personality to match it with their huge range of available positions to find the right fit for a long term relationship. They have regular reviews during the process and months after you have settled in your new job role to help make sure employee and employer have all concerns discussed. Unfortunately they are so good at matching the right job I won't require their services again!  Peter Dorrington (Australia).

The services Rural Enterprises offers are really effective.  Indeed I was looking for a job for 2 months, then I contact Rural Enterprises and with the hard work of Stuart we found a good job in only 2 weeks.  I worked hard and I learned a lot, I will definitely contact Rural Enterprises again for the harvest season!  Rural Enterprises took my wishes in consideration and offered me a good opportunity to show what I can do, so I am deeply thankful for this.  Lucas Bernat (France).

The service that has been provided by Emma and Rural Enterprises has been amazing. They have made the process as easy and efficient as possible, being very kind and helpful and polite. Thanks to Emma I was able to sort a job even in tricky circumstances. I would like to recommend Rural Enterprises to anyone looking for a job as they provide first class service.  Angus Petrie (NZ).

I would recommend Rural Enterprises to anyone who has a difficult time to find farm work in Australia. Me and my partner had previously applied to many different job agencies and various job adverts, however to no avail. Then we decided to contact Stuart at Rural Enterprises and since we had previous heavy machinery experience with a harvest season behind us, he managed to offer us several different job opportunities for the seeding season. And within two days he had already set up a job for us. Absolutely loved the experience and will definitely use your services in the future when we are trying to land our next farm job here in Australia.  Mikk Partel (Estonia).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff at Rural Enterprises Australia for the assistance you have extended to me in finding employment with the rural industry. Your professionalism, enthusiasm and tenacity with the task at hand will afford you much success in your field of work. I wish you continued prosperity and I would have no hesitation in recommending Rural Enterprises Australia to any employer or employee.  Shane Todd (Australia).

I'd like to thank your team for your endeavors to understand my ambitious career goals and take the time to quantify my experience and knowledge and relay that to those clients of yours whom you saw to be great fit. I am very grateful to have been placed with a farming business that suits my level of experience and affords me the opportunity to build by skill set and have a mutually beneficial working relationship with the owners of the business. Your timely responses and updates were greatly appreciated. I look forward to future dealings when I am the one looking to fill roles in my team.  Jock Craig (Australia).

I was very happy with the service provided by rural enterprises. Everything was very professional and they have a great client base to choose from. I hadn't used any other agencies before utilising rural enterprises services but it gives great piece of mind when rural agencies can provide feedback on particular farms. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them in the future. Keith (Ireland).

Using Rural Enterprises was the simplest and easiest processes of all in their industry. Knowing their clients personally they can advise and use the years of experience to place you in the best suited job for you. Great people to deal with and I highly recommend their services for anyone looking for work in WA. Many thanks, Sam Cooke (UK).

The staff at Rural Enterprises were extremely helpful towards finding work that suited my partner and I. As we are from Melbourne, we appreciated the effort they put in to communicate with us and keep us posted with what was going on. We highly recommend Rural Enterprises to others and we are looking forward to our next working experience. Jeremy Guglielmini (Australia).

Rural Enterprise was an excellent choice to find seeding work in Australia. They found a Job for myself and a friend on the same farm which we were told would not be easy,  with no stress on our side. They listened to exactly what we wanted for work and delivered us exactly that, we wouldn't use any other agency.  Rural enterprise are easy to deal with and take a real concern in following up to ensure every things running smoothly and are happy to help find extra work if required. Awesome team thanks! Graeme (NZ).

A very good agency to go through! Put my CV on the website and within hours I was in contact with my employer. Made everything so much easier, and the team is always checking up on me making sure work is still going well. Will definitely use rural enterprises in the future. Leith Gilmore (NZ).

Rural enterprises has a quick process to apply for any jobs. Since I didn't have any experience I thought it would be a lot harder to get a job but Rural Enterprises know their client base so knew who would be willing to give me a shot. A very quick turn over and professional business. Emma McIntosh (NZ).

I was looking for farm work all over Australia using various websites. Since i had only little experience with tractors, it wasn't an easy search. But Rural Enterprises called me to tell me about a farm in WA and I said yes. Two months later, they found a second job for me in the same area.  I had a friend who asked me if my employers are looking for another employee so i told him to call Rural Enterprises and two days later he had two offers to choose from. Rural Enterprises gave me a great opportunity to get into the farms industry and if i return to Australia, I'll definitely use their service again.  Neri (Israel).

Rural Enterprises were very effective in their service, got me job offers after just few hours, very good. Compared to other agencies, had more job offers, and more variety of work. 3. Very kind and helpful, would not rest till you find something. And after you have found a job, they ask you how are you, and how is work. Very good and warm, easy to contact them.  Stav (Israel).

Having begun my search for farm work using a different agent, which failed, I was slightly skeptical but also very desperate when I contacted Rural Enterprises. They were very reassuring, and the professional and timely responses made me only realise how unprofessional the other agent had been. I was in my position within days of contacting. I'd recommend Rural Enterprises for their professional and friendly attitude towards jobseekers, and for their continued contact to ensure you're doing okay. I would trust them if I have issues to help me correct them, and would use them in the future for employment. Amie (UK).

I have tried many different agencies for finding a seasonal job. Usually this has meant answering pages full of questions about my previous experiences and the type of job I am looking for. Most of the time this is the end of communication with the agency and I never hear anything else from them again. I was positively suprised when Rural Enterprises got back to me and after a long talk they suggested more positions for me to consider, kept me up to date with news regarding my application and had a good chat with my previous employers. The outcome was a grain harvest job that was suitable for my skills and benefited both me and the farmer I worked for. I really enjoyed my time there and the people I met. I highly recommend Rural Enterprises because they will do their best to find a job that suits you well. Kelli Seiton (Estonia).

Rural Enterprises have been fantastic from day dot.  Not only did the team do everything they could to learn about me and my experiences, but they strived to find the job that best suited what I wanted as well as making sure that I was placed with a suitable employer.  When I first looked into seeding I applied with Rural Enterprises as well as another agency. But with little response from the other agency and an almost immediate response from Rural Enterprises I felt I was in the best hands.  Every contact with the team is fast and efficient as well as super friendly. And as soon as the seeding season was finished, they were in contact to make sure everything went great. As well as that they were offering further positions beyond seeding and through to harvest as the season was coming to an end.  I could not recommend them enough.  James Wilson (NZ).


Rural Enterprises were exceptional in matching me with the job I was qualified for.  In comparison to others rural enterprises were much more proactive in finding employment for me. I would recommend them for their friendliness and professional approach to their work. During my employment there were two follow up phone calls to check on my employment. Thanks Rural Enterprises for a job well done. Peter Miiller (Australia).

Rural Enterprises provided an effective experience that made my transition to work in Perth very easy. Having direct contact with Rural Enterprises and my employer meant I could actually plan my work experience. I would recommend Rural Enterprises to anyone wanting an excellent work experience, especially at the 11th hour.  Jarrod Hedley (NZ).

We are a partner (French Canadian and French) that have appreciated Rural Enterprises services. Travelling in Aussie, from NSW to Tasmania and WA, we had experiences with some work agencies in different provinces. The difference with Rural Enterprises is that they do take care from point A (candidate applications) to point B (contact the employer) such has letting us know if we are the right candidate for the job by socialising with you on the phone. We really appreciate their honesty and the time they took to care for all the steps towards getting the job. Thank you Rural Enterprises. Caroline & Harvey (Canada).

I find Rural Enterprises to be very effective and have an excellent recruitment service. When I got in touch with rural enterprises they managed to get a job for me within a week. Excellent staff to deal with and have people at heart. I will recommend anyone looking for a farm job to deal with them as an employment agency. I will be in touch with Rural Enterprises next season for another job assignment. Godfrey (NZ).